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in Supporting Aspiring Teachers

The Praxis Program offers resources to help Educator Preparation Programs prepare teachers who are ready to make an impact.

Importance of licensure testing

With teacher shortages on the rise, some are considering the elimination of teacher licensure testing as a solution for filling classrooms. ETS understands the urgent need for classroom teachers, however, licensure assessments play an important role in ensuring teachers entering the classroom have the knowledge and skills needed to begin teaching.

Why Praxis

The Praxis Program has been setting the standard for teachers for decades. Each Praxis licensure assessment reflects what educators across the country believe to be important for teachers. Having qualified teachers entering the classroom provides peace of mind for parents, policymakers, and communities that our students are in good hands.

Getting Started

Providing Test
Preparation Materials

Our goal is to ensure that you have the proper resources to prepare future educators for their Praxis tests by making test prep materials available to all. You can ensure confidence on test day and sharpen their skills by utilizing official Praxis study materials, like Khan Academy® Praxis Core Prep, Study Companions and Interactive Practice Tests.

Teacher Candidates

The Praxis Program is committed to helping you support your test takers on their journey to certification. We offer program discounts, vouchers, curriculum crosswalks and informational materials to support your program and your students.

“I cannot underscore enough how important it is that educators have deep content knowledge in order to make content more understandable and accessible for all kids. The ETS Praxis series is one of our valuable educational tools that helps to ensure our Colorado educators have a firm understanding of their core content and can meet the learning needs of every, single student in our state.”

– Dr. Colleen O’Neil, Associate Commissioner,
Educator Talent, Colorado Department of Education

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